Sunday, March 17, 2013

local forcast fail & a sunset

all the stations were a buzz about a thunderstorm potential cold front that would sweep through the valley.  i stayed up until 3 am to be possibly the only crazy to get footage of this event.

of course the unstable weather swept north of me giving our mountains some snow.

even though this was a bust there is some positives

new tripod
new plastic arm sleeve

and a sunset

Thursday, March 7, 2013

hail storm sweeps through boise

thank you stormtrooper dan for this great capture of the short, but sweet hail storm that passed through meridian and boise

unfortunately i was in Indy for work.  but being gone and getting video like the above builds my confidence in our team.  Christina sent me the below radar shot at about the same time.  I called her cell using face time and had her point the phone towards the window.  It was like being there :)