Tuesday, October 30, 2012

stormtrooper poetry

My heart flutters as I look at the sky

The clouds are draped low, blue and black

I look at the radar and am plesantly surprised

that there is the potential for lightning filled skies

I grab my camera and run to my car

because according to the radar it isn't that far

The highway markings race by, as I try to make it in time

Finally I am there, not a moment to spare

Then it happens I hear the thunder roar

a fast moving storm is in store

quickly moving above, it heads right over

hanging high above. Then crackle, zap, pop,

lightning spreads like the roots of a tree,

lighting up the sky and trees magnificently

it sounds like the crack of a whip inches from your head

such a mystery of nature, some call it the source of life

I am there to see the show

and then to let everyone know

I capture each frame, I don't do it for the fame.

I love the beauty, and want everyone to see the same

- Stormtrooper Christina

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

storm drive by

a storm passed north and south of me, pefectly leaving me out of any chance of capturing a lightning shot...

i was able to capture some of the windy residuals.

see radar pic for perfect avoidance