Tuesday, April 23, 2013

first lightning bolt captures (for me) of 2013!

This storm was produced my first lightning capture of the year!
Here it is!

                          This next storm produced several bolts and scared the hell out of me.

                 This is what the nasty storm looked like coming in, look at that wall/shelf (?) cloud!

Check out the video footage from this day:

Can't wait for the next one

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4.7.2013 - crazy spring storms

sunday had potential for lightning!  knowing this I fueled up and bought some camera batteries, check out the storms highlight footage below:

the first "we got hail" part of the video was from this storm, it produced tiny hail but no thunder or lightning

i tried my luck on a developing storm that ended up just north of mtn home, it was some of the hardest rain i've been in with strong winds, but no thunder or lightning

while i was on the way back to boise after this storm passed a flare up storm developed over nampa and quickly jetted across meridian and into boise.  the trusty stormtrooper dan was able to capture the only bolts of the day, which were on this quick flare up storm (of course).  I was able to drive through it in Boise as I returned but the lightning portion was done and all it was was hard rain.
the below is the first solid image of a bolt in idaho for 2013!